Extent of Community Woodland and Open Space

There are four parts of the Craighouse woodland and open space that the community would like to own and manage:

  1. Easter Craiglockhart Hill Local Nature Reserve (LNR)
    The LNR is a local environmental designation and its boundary extends from the top of the hill down to the pond at the Craiglockhart Sports Centre. The southern half of the LNR towards the top of the hill is owned by the Craighouse Partnership while the northern half bordering the Craiglockhart Sports Centre is owned by the City of Edinburgh Council. Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail (http://www.craiglockhartwoods.org) supports the maintenance of the LNR and have help to secure three Green Flags.
  2. South Craighouse Woods
    These woods border the Merchants Golf Course and lie above the existing buildings on the north facing slope of the hill.
  3. Meadowspot Woods
    This narrow strip of woodland borders the Meadowspot housing development and includes a right of way that links Craighouse Road to the Craiglockhart Sports Centre pond.
  4. The Orchard
    This favourite part of the Craighouse grounds is the open green space running down the hill from the Merchants Golf Course.