Craighouse Woodland Community Ownership

There is an exciting opportunity for local communities to own and to manage the rather special areas of woodland and open space, which form part of the distinctive landscape and skyline of Craiglockhart Hill. This opportunity has arisen because of proposed development on the Craighouse Campus.  What we need to do to secure this opportunity is:-

  • Act swiftly
  • Demonstrate that there is a groundswell of local opinion that supports ownership
  • Convince the developers and the City of Edinburgh Council that local people can, with support, manage these areas responsibly, and
  • We need to get organised – we need enthusiasts of all types. Woodland enthusiasts, folk who are good at writing and publicity, people who are good with money (and bankers), and people who would like to volunteer to help with meetings and who could contribute to doing practical things in the woodland.

If you feel passionately about preserving green space, or managing woodlands for the greater good, or are just interested in what is going on, please fill in your details in the boxes next to this text and push the subscribe button.

Thank you.